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A Hoard of Dragon Art! (Click to see gallery)

Sorry I haven't been uploading art. Been so focused on working on 3d stuff and work that I just never had the chance. Hope you can forgive me with this collection of art. This first piece is the last one I made and very excited to share it. Decided to go with a more solid brush and try a more graphic style. Really love the small details I put into this one.

Nobody steals the sunspot from the cat. That dragon better watch out!

Before I made the dark blue dragon I had to practice the line work. The expression was perfect.

Most of my art is just a sketch I polish up. This was one of the last sketchy styles I did. I aimed to have more focus on the scales themselves

Echo still is one of my favorite dragons. Big fan of these eye bleeding colors.

Echo again enjoying his box

You could say this was the prototype of the dragons I've been making recently. Capturing that wrinkly expression was a lot of fun

This was my attempt at drawing shiver again. Really like how much his skull mask looks like in this

Just a happy little guy.

Fun fact, all my werewolves are named smudge. He got them long arms

Huge fan of these sketches. I particularly like the lumpy feel the dragon/snake bodies have. And yes, I was playing Pizza Tower when I drew Pappino.

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