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Cosmic Apartment

It's common for decommissioned spacecrafts to be retrofitted into a station. Providing new homes and businesses to settle. Every square inch counted for and properly paid to barons of this star cluster.

This piece I started out wanting to make a scene that is similar to an old school anime still. Cowboy Bebop being a major influence on theme and visuals. I was also wanting something like Moebius' line work in a detailed scene. In a way I feel I was able to get close to what I was aiming for creating a unique style of visual imagery. Also used blender to ensure the perspective was correct.

Coloring was tricky. I wanted it to have that faded VHS look but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I caved to doing it like I usually do and used a color palette. Next time I have a few things to speed things along and maybe get it closer to the style I am imagining.

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